Choosing Eyeglasses That Suit Your Style

October 23, 2015 Eye Associates

Use these criteria when shopping for eyeglasses

Eyeglasses play two important roles: (1) they correct your vision to influence how you see the world and (2) they contribute to your appearance and style, influencing how the world sees you!

It’s important to keep the following thoughts in mind when shopping for eyeglasses:

  • Choose glasses that give you the best vision possible
  • Make sure those eyeglasses match your style
  • Take your time to ensure the fit is comfortable

Style = Frames

When talking about the style of your eyeglasses, it’s pretty simple. It’s all about the frames.

That said, here are some common eyeglass styles:

  • Eyeglasses for Serious Business (Conservative Frames and Colors)
  • Glasses That Show Your Creativity (More Fashion Oriented and Creative)
  • Glasses for the Modern Baby Boomer or Senior
  • Glasses for the Weekend Warrior (For Sports and Active wear)

The Complete Package

A common misstep people make when putting together a wardrobe is forgetting about their glasses and sunglasses.

At a minimum, the well-dressed woman or man should have an ‘eye-wear wardrobe’ that includes:

  • A pair of glasses for the office, computer and/or formal wear
  • A pair of glasses for a casual wear
  • A pair of glasses with photochromic polycarbonate (or Trivex) lenses for sports and active/safety wear
  • A pair of “dress” sunglasses for fashion use

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