Retinal Imaging

We’ve been providing cutting edge wide-field retinal imaging/fundus photography at NO ADDITIONAL COST for over 15 years. Many practices charge upwards of $39 for a SINGLE field photo!

A wide-field retinal photo (fundus photo) is actually composed of three images: central, temporal, and nasal. This wide field view assists our eye doctors in their examination and evaluation of your retina (the back of the eye). The retina is responsible for processing light and communicating that information to your brain so a thorough and accurate retinal exam is vital to your eye health.

retinal image
Retinal Image, Fundus Photograph

How does Retinal imaging improve our patient care during COVID-19?

Retinal imaging (fundus photography) technology allows our eye doctors to be thorough during your retinal exam, without the necessity of dilation and a face to face interaction.

The eyes are a unique ‘window’ into your body, allowing us to see your blood vessels, neurological tissues, and optic nerve without surgery or opening up any tissue. We can thus establish the health of those tissues responsible for light perception, high resolution acuity, night vision, systemic circulation and ocular neuro-communication to the brain.

Retinal Imaging Technology

Eye Associates utilizes the Centervue Eidon AF technology, which, in many cases, can replace the need to dilate your eyes while improving the patient-doctor interaction.

The technology also eliminates the need for close proximity or face to face examination and eliminates the long term visual effects that come with dialating your eyes.

A wide-field retinal/fundus photograph can detect the following eye diseases:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Macular degeneration
  • Retinal detachment
  • Glaucoma

​​​​​​​Please contact Eye Associates today for your comprehensive eye examination with the Centervue Eidon AF technology!

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