COVID-19 Letter to our patients

COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates

Eye Associates understands the health and safety concerns of our patients and staff. We will follow the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and AOA (American Optometric Association) guidelines in resuming safe eye care services to our patients and community.

These eye care services include contact lens exams, appointments to replace glasses, urgent and emergent issues including pain in the eye, sudden onset of flashes or floaters, trauma to the eye, and sudden decrease in vision.

How Does Retinal Imaging Technology Improve Our Patient Care During COVID-19?

Retinal imaging allows our optometrists to be thorough in your eye exam without the necessity of dilation or a face to face interaction. This protects both you and our staff from any COVID-19 risks.

A wide-field retinal/fundus photograph also allows us to see blood vessels, neurological tissues, and the optic nerve without invasive techniques. By examining these areas we can establish the health of those tissues responsible for light perception, high-resolution acuity, night vision, systemic circulation and ocular neuro-communication to the brain.

Learn more about our Retinal Imaging technology.

Due to the nature of an eye exam, and the close working distance in which our doctors and staff associate with patients, we will do our part in both managing proper social distancing and use of personal protective equipment for our employees and doctors.

Patient Information Forms and Insurance Cards

You can download our patient information forms on our patient forms, fill out, and email back.

Please email us any new medical or vision insurance cards you have before your appointment:

Upon Arrival To The Office

  • *** We require that you wear your own cloth or disposable masks while in

  • the office. ***

  • We are asking at this time that no one accompany you to the appointment. If this appointment is for a minor, we ask that only one adult accompany the minor and all other siblings/persons remain at home or stay in the vehicle for the safety of all our patients, doctors, and staff.

  • Call the office and inform the staff that you have arrived for your appointment.

Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

Contacts Lenses

  • If you have a contact lens supply or contact lens trial to pick up at our office, you may do so during normal business hours. Upon arrival, simply call the office from your vehicle for further instructions on Eye Associates’ curb-side pickup.


  • All frames handled by technicians and patients will be sanitized before going back onto our boards.

  • We will take all precautions to remain distanced when possible.

  • Once eyeglasses are back in-store and ready for pick-up, you will receive a notification that they are in. Please call from your car when you arrive at the office for further instructions.

Please Stay Safe And Healthy!

Thank you again for your assistance in all these matters, and for choosing Eye Associates for all your Eye Care needs. We look forward to seeing you!

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