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Patients' Testimonials

I've been a patient of Eye Associates since they first opened for business in the 119th street location. So when I moved close to the State Line area I was thrilled to see they were open for business there too. There are a lot of other places I can go get an exam but I feel confident with all the doctors at Eye Associates. I have seen at least four different ones over the many years. At my exam yesterday I didn't have to wait long to see the doctor and the staff was very helpful with helping me find new frames. I would highly recommend anyone needing an eye doctor to check them out!

—Catherine D.

My recent appointment with Eye Associates of OP was a very positive experience. The staff is very friendly and customer-oriented. They make you feel welcome and they make sure all your questions have been answered. I would definitely recommend seeking services with this provider.


I have in the past and continue to recommend Eye Associates to all of my family, friends and co-workers. I believe you to have the best selection of frames as well as a great staff. I've always had good service. This last visit, I think her name was Kathleen.... was fabulous. She was very helpful to both me and my husband.

—Crystie S.

On Wednesday, November 18th, I went to the Olathe office because I broke the arm off of my Silhouette eyeglasses. I wanted to order an additional pair of less expensive glasses so I could have a backup in the future.

Ms. Clara Wass helped me with my selection. This letter is to compliment her on her outstanding customer service. Ms. Wass was taking phone calls from people who needed to see a doctor as soon as possible. She was helping in between phone calls.

Ms. Wass was calm, kind, and helpful to the people phoning in and to me. I was very impressed by her communication skills and her ability to focus on what she was doing, while helping a multitude of people.

I have been using the Olathe office for two or three years and the staff always impresses me with their knowledge and customer service. I decided it was time to put my compliments in writing.

—Carol C.

I'm a new patient to your practice this year. In July, I came in your office for a routine exam. I had to get both contacts and eye glasses. My experience was incredible. The doctor was extremely friendly and the staff was very professional.

That same week, the company I worked for had to close their doors, so I was out of a job. I came back to the office, because, I had realized that I needed to have anti-reflective treatment put on my glasses, but there was going to be an additional cost. The only option I felt I had was to return the glasses because I could not afford the extra expense. Your office stepped up and was willing to absorb the cost of the anti-reflective treatment. This way I could have a good experience with my glasses.

I want to say thank you for helping me out in hard times. i will never forget this and have told many family members and friends about your wonderful office.

—Alicia M.

Even though I had been enjoying the great patient services of Dr. Pennepede and then Dr. Siefkes for over 25 years, I decided to go to the “other” place where my insurance would pay for my exam and prescription this year. Well, after just walking in the door of that place, and talking to the first person, I could see right away that it wasn‘t anywhere near the quality organization I had been so used to for my eye care. The Eye Associates people are always so friendly and upbeat and helpful. The heck with insurance, I‘m sticking with you guys! It‘s the great people and the professional services that count. I‘m on my way to the next 25 year run now.

—A Ives, Overland Park

Linda was wonderful and patient with me as I chose new frames, and she went out of her way to check my invoice several times to ensure I was getting the most for my money. On Saturday, I got to the clinic maybe three minutes before closing and Dominic stayed 15 minutes late to get me fitted without saying a word about it. He was personable and quick and made sure I was just where I needed to be with both pair before locking up behind me.

My exam was perfect for me. Dr. Fose was not only professional in explaining the condition of my eyes and my lens prescriptions, but fun company.

I really did have a great experience from start to finish. I recognize the importance of great customer service. I've gotten a dozen compliments minimum about my new frames. Evidently, I stumbled into something stylish!

Again, thanks. I hope more people enjoy your service and your clinic as much as I. Here's to continued success.

—Kevin D.

The doctors and employees at Eye Associates provide the utmost in care and customer service. While I was on vacation in Colorado one year, I lost one of my contact lenses. I was certain that it would be a big hassle to get it replaced and almost resigned myself to the fact that I would have to wait until I got home to get it replaced.

Nonetheless, Hector of the Olathe office made one phone call to the optometrist in Colorado and within minutes, I had a new lens ready for me! I have to say that all of the doctors are equally qualified and so personable. They listen well, they ask good questions, and they thoroughly educate you on matters of your vision.

—Pam Castrey, Olathe

Going to the specialists at Eye Associates is like coming to see a friend you have not seen in a year, but being able to pick up right where you left off. I can't help but smile when I think about them.

The doctors and staff are very knowledgeable and personal. They take great care of me. They are so good with young and older patients alike. To me, they are very much like family.

—T. Cantwell, Olathe

I have worn glasses all of my life and have been to my share of eye care professionals. I have never been as impressed as when I came to Eye Associates on March 21, 2007. When I walked through the door for the first time, the reception area staff were upbeat, smiling, and very friendly.

I think that Eye Associates does a phenomenal job of making everyone feel like a VIP.

—Patricia Scales

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