Multifocal Contacts

Enjoy excellent vision near or far, all day long, in total comfort.

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If you need to correct your nearsightedness or farsightedness with one contact lens, go ahead and treat yourself to the best – Biofinity® multifocal contacts. These soft, flexible silicone hydrogel contacts provide you the ultimate in comfort so you can take care of business all day and relax all evening. You can wear them for up to 7 days in a row.

Multifocal Contacts that Keep Your Eyes Comfortable

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Product Details

  • Corrects: Presbyopia
  • Replacement frequency: Monthly
  • Wettability: Naturally wettable without need for additional drops
  • Lenses per box: Six (6)

State of the Art Contact Lens Technology

Coopervision’s unique Aquaform® technology means these lenses create the ultimate lens-wearing experience. The material in these contact lenses gives them higher oxygen transmittability so your eyes stay healthy and comfortable. The optimized rounded-edge design keeps the lens from rubbing too much on the inside of the eyelid providing an increased level of comfort. Since they are naturally wettable, you likely won’t need eye drops when you wear these contacts.

Learn More

Still need more information about these multifocal contacts? No problem! Check out these resources below now.

Download the Biofinity multifocal package insert

​​​​​​​View this YouTube video by our very own Dr. Mark Siefkes on Bifocal Options for Contact Lens Wearers

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