Dr. Vincent Pennipede

Dr. Pennipede

Born in Long Island, New York, son of Italian immigrants, Dr. Pennipede knew first hand the meaning of hard work. He grew up in New Jersey and received an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from Rutgers University. He then obtained his Doctor of Optometry degree from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, graduating with honors. He also received several awards, including nomination to Beta Sigma Kappa Honor Society.

Dr. Pennipede was awarded a four year United States Military Health Professions Scholarship, after which he was assigned to the EENT Clinic at Munson Army Hospital in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. After his commitment to the military ended, instead of returning to his home state of New Jersey, he decided to stay in the Kansas City area.

Dr. Pennipede founded the very first Eye Associates office in Overland Park in 1986, where he opened his doors with only himself and one optician. Now, his practice consists of 8 locations and 12 optometrists.

Although Dr. Pennipede no longer examines patients on a regular basis, he continues to be actively involved in the operation of Eye Associates, and plays an integral part in its success. Dr. Pennipede remains committed to his ongoing mission of providing the best possible eye care in the most caring manner.

“We stay at the forefront of our profession by keeping pace with all of the latest equipment and technologies.” – Dr. Vincent Pennipede // CEO

Dr. Pennipede strives to live a healthy and active lifestyle. He enjoys traveling to Italy and Mexico with his wife, Sandy, and his son, Dante Carlo, who is currently a resident at the University of Kansas Department of Ophthalmology.

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